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🔍 Who's Really Stealing Your Money: The Subscription Economy: Savior or Scam? 💸

Hello Reader, Imagine a world where every convenience, every luxury, every tool you need is just a click away. This is the story of Sarah, a young professional in the bustling city of Chicago who embraced the subscription lifestyle wholeheartedly. She conveniently bundled everything in her life into neat, monthly packages, from her morning coffee to her favorite streaming service. The Transformation: A Closer Look Under the Hood But as Sarah's life got busier and her subscriptions piled up,...
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4 days ago • 3 min read

🔮 THE BREAKDOWN of When Disruption Meets Divine Purpose 🔄 🎙️

THE BREAKDOWN Message Rewind The Breakdown of When Disruption Meets Divine Purpose Happy Monday Reader, In this sermon, "When Disruption Meets Divine Purpose," we explore the power of unwavering faith, divine compassion, and the importance of patience in waiting for God's timing. It emphasizes that disruptions in life can serve as opportunities for growth and learning and that there is a divine purpose at work, even in moments of silence or rejection from God. The sermon encourages...
6 days ago • 5 min read

🎄 Embrace the Joy of the Season: A Special Christmas Service Invitation for You 🌟

Good Day, Beautiful Souls! Feeling a bit disconnected? Are you searching for a place to recharge your spiritual batteries? Look no further! 🙌 Join us for a Sunday filled with faith, fellowship, and a fresh perspective at Mars Hill Anywhere. This December 3rd, let’s gather at 10:30 AM Central to share the joy and community spirit that makes our congregation so special. I'm looking forward to sharing a message with you all this Sunday that I hope will uplift your spirits and strengthen your...
9 days ago • 2 min read

2024 is Coming 🗓️: How I'm Preparing for 2024's Financial Roller Coaster 🎢💸 – And You Can Too! 💪🔍

Hello Reader, There's no question that times are financially tough for people with the current economy. I know for Shauntai & me... We spend a fortune every time we go to the grocery store. People's incomes have mostly stayed the same... but their expenses sure have! And during election years... Times are always uncertain for people. People hold on to their resources more because they don't know what's to come. Every four years, this happens... It's like clockwork. And 2024 is the year when...
11 days ago • 1 min read

🔮 THE BREAKDOWN of The Holiday Dilemma: Balancing Holiday Cheer with Financial Wisdom 🔄 🎙️

THE BREAKDOWN Message Rewind The Breakdown of The Holiday Dilemma: Balancing Holiday Cheer with Financial Wisdom Happy Monday Reader, In this sermon, "The Holiday Dilemma: Balancing Holiday Cheer with Financial Wisdom," I talk about the pressures and expectations of the holiday season, focusing on the challenge of balancing finances with the desire to create a meaningful Christmas. I advise prioritizing what truly matters and establishing meaningful traditions. I propose three reflective...
13 days ago • 7 min read

🍂 The Power of 'Thank You': How Simple Words Can Revolutionize Your World 🍂

Happy Thanksgiving Reader, The Transformative Power of a Simple Thank You In a bustling city office, Sarah, a dedicated but unnoticed employee, often felt her efforts were invisible. When her manager sincerely thanked her in front of the team during a challenging project, it sparked a significant change in Sarah. She felt valued and seen, her motivation soared, and her quality of work reached new heights. This story underlines the profound impact of expressing gratitude. A simple ‘thank...
18 days ago • 5 min read

🔮 THE BREAKDOWN of Joy Robbers: Unmasking the Thieves of True Joy 🔄 🎙️

THE BREAKDOWN Message Rewind The Breakdown of Joy Robbers: Unmasking the Thieves of True Joy Happy Monday Reader, Your joy is under siege by unseen forces. Uncover the truth in “Joyrobbers: Unmasking the Thieves of True Joy.” This sermon is a game-changer, revealing how comparison, worry, and other factors rob you of your rightful joy. This transformative message will give you the knowledge and tools to protect and nurture your joy. Watch, learn, and fight back for your joy! #ProtectYourJoy...
20 days ago • 6 min read

🍂 Join Us for A Special Thanksgiving Service at Mars Hill! 🍂

Dear Mars Hill Family, As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, we are reminded of the bountiful blessings and the warmth of community. This Thanksgiving season, I am thrilled to invite each one of you to our exceptional Thanksgiving Service—a time to reflect, give thanks, and look ahead with hope. Special Message: "Joy Robbers: Unmasking the Thieves of True Joy" This Sunday, I'm preaching a message called "Joy Robbers: Unmasking the Thieves of True Joy." Do you sometimes feel like your...
23 days ago • 3 min read

🍁 Embracing Thanksgiving with Gratitude and Exciting Developments 🍂

Dear Mars Hill Anywhere Family, As we gather our hearts in the warmth of this Thanksgiving season, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your steadfast support and faith, especially during our recent transition. Your dedication is the foundation of our Mars Hill community, strengthening and uniting us more than ever. Join Us for a Special Thanksgiving Service Mark your calendars for a memorable gathering! We invite you to our special Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, November 19,...
26 days ago • 3 min read
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